EXPAREL®: Safe, Effective Post-Operative Pain Relief

Post-operative pain can inhibit recovery for some patients and makes it unpleasant for most patients. In the past, oral surgeons and their patients had to rely on ineffective over-the-counter medications or opioids, which risked undesirable side effects. EXPAREL® is an innovative pain medication that relieves post-operative pain for up to three days following oral surgery. Delicate Oral Surgery often uses EXPAREL to improve pain relief following wisdom teeth extractions.

What is EXPAREL®?

EXPAREL (bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension) is a non-opioid medication for post-operative pain management. It is a long-acting local anesthetic administered by injection to relieve pain after surgery. EXPAREL is designed to slowly release bupivacaine, a common local anesthetic, over an extended period, which can help manage pain for several days after surgery. By providing sustained pain relief, EXPAREL helps patients recover more comfortably and with fewer side effects compared to traditional pain management methods.

Non-opioid EXPAREL helps patients avoid the potential for addiction inherent in opioid pain medications as well as common opioid side effects such as nausea, vomiting, constipation, and drug abuse.

How EXPAREL® Relieves Pain

When injected into the soft tissues around the surgical site, the medication spreads locally, slowly releasing natural lipids to relieve pain following wisdom teeth removal and other oral surgical procedures. EXPAREL prevents the nerves at the surgery site from sending pain signals to the brain. For most patients, this FDA-approved treatment lasts two to three days. Many patients do not need any other pain relievers following wisdom teeth removal if EXPAREL is used.

Advantages of EXPAREL

  • The targeted pain relief of EXPAREL works at the site of pain, avoiding the systemic side effects associated with opioids.
  • Because it is administered by the oral surgeon on the day of surgery, patients do not have to worry about scheduling multiple doses of pain relievers during recovery.
  • EXPAREL relieves pain throughout the first three days following surgery, when pain is most intense.
  • EXPAREL is FDA-approved and has demonstrated effectiveness in multiple clinical trials.
  • Patients who receive EXPAREL are less likely to need opioids.
  • Recovery and healing are enhanced with EXPAREL due to its effectiveness for up to 72 hours following wisdom teeth extraction.
  • Patients given EXPAREL report greater satisfaction with their post-operative recovery.

EXPAREL® is a versatile pain reliever for many oral surgery procedures, including wisdom teeth extraction, dental implant placement, gum grafts, and corrective jaw surgery. At Delicate Oral Surgery, we evaluate each patient’s health, medical history, and preferences to determine whether EXPAREL is appropriate. We always explain the benefits and risks of pain reliever options to ensure our patients make informed decisions.

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